House Rules



Resources are how people afford things. If you want to buy things you need resources or someone with resources.

Progress Level

There is a separate merit. Bought like any normal merit. Only up to a level 4. Each additional level of PL reduces the dice penalty for working on more advanced tech by -2 dice. Improving the merit must be approved by the Storyteller and supported by in game research or technological advancements.


Jill is working on a PL 7 starship engine. Humans have a default PL of 6 on Eos. Jill doesn’t have the PL Merit so for any craft rolls to repair the engine she suffers a -2 modifier to her roll.

Jack is researching a PL 8 relic found in one of the ruins. Normally, this would be a -4 die penalty to his rolls. However, Jack has purchased 1 level of the PL merit. This reduces his die penalty to only a -2.

House Rules

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