Eos Timeline

2169 Destruction of the U.S.S. Washington, the first deep space exploration vessel to reach the outer planets.

2184 The dark object is first detected, though initially dismissed by most scientists.

2189 The truth of the dark object, that it will strike Earth, is revealed by an international group of scientists.

2196 The Earth is destroyed by the dark object, with only a small percentage of the population escaping on evacuation ships.

2197 The evacuation fleet encounters the Tentaari gateway device at the edge of Earth’s solar system. The fleet is sent through the gateway network to random locations throughout the galaxy. Only the Dawning Star and attendant ships reach the Helios system.

2198 The Dawning Star lands on Eos and begins the process of settling and terraforming the world. Only the crew and necessary personnel are active at this time, the rest of the crew remaining in cryogenic sleep to preserve resources.

2199 A human is born on Eos for the first time, Amanda Polk.

2200 The colonists begin exploring the ruins scattered across Eos, finding evidence of an advanced society living on the world tens of thousands of years ago.

2202 The first of dozens of crashed alien ships are found on Eos, giving the colonists parts and technology to build their own spacecraft.

2210 The remains of a Tentaari spacecraft are found on Eos, and the humans are able to reverse-engineer portions of its systems, leading to plasma weapons and materials that resist the rust spores.

2228 The terraforming process on Eos is mostly complete, and the majority of the Dawning Star’s passengers in cryogenic sleep are awoken to begin a new life on Eos. The colonists are thawed in waves to facilitate introduction to the colony and the current situation.

2229 The colonists begin raising the indigenous murcow, a large, wooly, bovine creature. Organized cultivation of crops begins.

2230 The Dawning Star Republic is formed by the colonists as the new government of Eos. The capital is the new city of Dawning Star, built from the remains of the ship that brought them to Eos. A vocal minority objects to the new government and leaves Dawning Star to found other settlements.

2231 A group of explorers unleash a virulent disease from a ruin near Dawning Star. Called the blood blisters by the colonists, this disease kills 10% of the colony’s population before a cure is found. Small eruptions of blood blister cases continue to occur on Eos.

2232 The first coastal settlement on Eos, Roger’s Point, is founded by Patricia Rogers. Roger’s Point is run by the Eos Freedom League, one of the factions aligned against the Dawning Star Republic, and quickly becomes a haven for dissidents.

2232 The last group of colonists is removed from cryogenic storage.

2232 The agricultural efforts on Eos produce enough food for the entire population for the first time, eliminating the need to rely on rations from the Dawning Star.

2235 The Eos Freedom League attacks Republic farmers. The Republic Militia is formed to deal with the threat and annex Red Hill.

2238 Huge deposits of iron ore are found in the mountains west of Dawning Star. The second largest settlement on Eos, Iron Scar, is founded.

2239 The first game in the Eos Professional Baseball League is played in Dawning Star. The Eos Professional Football League starts up the following year.

2240 In response to a number of murders outside Dawning Star, the Eos Defense Force is established.

2241 The Daily Star and Dawning Star Video Network are founded, providing the first nongovernment media outlets in the colony.

2247 A series of violent murders shock Dawning Star, as more than a dozen individuals are killed within a week by an unknown assailant. The killings stop, but “Shadow Jack” is never caught.

2248 The Tentaari make contact with the colonists on Eos.

2249 The Velin are first encountered on Eos. A wary friendship develops between humans and the Velin.

2251 Current year.

Eos Timeline

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