Welcome to Eos!

Roughly 60 years ago the Earth was destroyed by a phenomenon that scientists called the Dark Object. The object was spotted 10 years before impact with the Earth. Colony ships were built and some small percentage of the population were able to flee into space. The rest… died. Your ancestors watched as their homeworld cracked and burned.

The colony fleet came here, to Eos. Few humans survived the destruction of Earth. Fewer still were the supernatural beings that were able to escape.

You are one of those that survived. You are either an end or a beginning here on this planet.

You are the hope for humanity.

This world has not welcomed humanity with open arms. It is unwelcome and hostile. The planet is home to spirits, aliens and mysteries that humanity is unable to comprehend. If mankind collectively turns away from the truth of vampires, werewolves, mages and the fae… how much more unknowable is the alien equivalent?

World of DawningStar

Friarzen Venlar